Today I like to share something that my grandfather told me some years back which I still consider as the best advise that I had ever got.

I believe that it would be helpful to my dear friends and bring you a source of motivation. So here it goes :

My grandfather told me that in every persons life there are three things that will come to our discovery. If we learn to understand the importance of these three things, then life will be a lot easier to live.

The first is Choice. We all have to make different choices in our life depending on a lot of factors. So proper care must be taken when we make a choice because our life depends on it. Choices are the concrete foundation to our future life. So whenever you make a choice, think twice or thrice and then make them.

The second is Chance. They are like stars in the sky. There’s plenty of them out there. So if you try to catch one, it’s well and good. But don’t regret if you couldn’t get one and be desperate about it because there are lots of other stars in the sky which you can catch. You only fail when you give up to look the millions of stars thats there in the sky.

And finally Change. Be the change that you want to be. Become what you always aspired to become. Nobody can become the change for you. Only you can. You alone are solely responsible for your change. So believe that you are the change and you will definitely be.

This advise has personally helped me grow stronger and I will be always be thankful to him. I hope it has helped you too. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day ahead my friends 😊.

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