You are unique and one of a kind. You are special and really rare. There is only one person in this entire world who is capable of being the best and that is just YOU.

Be proud of yourself. Respect yourself. You have your own character, your own distinct thoughts, your own personal abilities and your own charisma. And that is what sets you apart from all other people. Treasure those special gifts that is within you, that has been embedded within you since a long time.

Love yourself always and never hate yourself at all. There may be many flaws and imperfections within you, but remember that it is also a part of your package and it is what makes you unique. Never hate yourselves for it, never.

Embrace your blessings given by God and be proud to live a life that is always a great privilege for you. Because you are just so special and you are your own kind of beautiful !!

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  1. Awesome post. Very inspiring. Everyone should learn to appreciate how unique they are in ones own way!

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  2. I actually have this saying on my bathroom mirror. It helps on days you may not be thrilled with what you see and reminds me that we are all beautiful in our own way

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  3. Very true. Be yourself and believe in you. There is nothing above that.. loved this..

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  4. well said. Thanks for reminding us the glorious thoughts. that will our life with love and pleasure.

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  5. Reblogged this on inspired Grisele and commented:
    You are Youtiful

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  6. Lovely! Very true as well! We need to all start appreciating our differences and loving ourselves!

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  7. Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster Award (don’t know if you got the pingback). Check my latest blog post for details!

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  8. Yessssssss !!!!! Love this , touched my heart so much. Amazinggg job .

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  9. It was awesome post. I can relate to it well. It put a smile on my face. Just a small way of thanking you with this comment πŸ™‚

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  10. inspiring post Abhijith. i would like to reblog this post.

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  11. Lovely post….beautiful…

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