Problems are common for all of us. It can sometimes be annoying and may destroy our peace. It may even demotivate us.

No matter how much we try, we may sometimes not come up with a good solution.

But that’s ok because it takes time for us to realise what our challenges are. Once we realise that, we can surely come up with something to solve it.

The only thing that is important is that you don’t keep your spirits down, that you don’t give up.

Sometimes, after we have tried our best despite everything we may still come to find our that our efforts are in vain.

We try to seek help of many people whom we value or trust for a better opinion in such situations.

These people can only guide you to make better decisions. But the action can be done only by ‘YOU’.

Yes, ‘YOU’. If you want the change then you have to step up for it. You have to take the initiative and work for it.

Only then can you succeed in conquering what your heart desires. Only then can you attain victory.

So the only person that is going to conquer your problems is ‘YOU’ alone, period. Nobody can conquer your problems for you.

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