It’s said that inspiration can come from anywhere. Do something that gets you so happy and relaxed. Visit a place that you are so fond of. It’s said that when you are happy and peaceful you tend to get a lot of fresh ideas.


There is a common misbelief that in order to have out of the box thinking, you need to think a lot. This is absolutely insane. You don’t need to think too much to get a good idea. An idea can come from anywhere. Just be yourselves and do things that you have always loved doing.


Meditation is a powerful tool to keep your mind focused, sharp and powerful. It helps you to remain at peace and allow you to be yourself. Practice this art and develop a habit of doing it everyday. Trust me, you will be so amazed with the results. Great thinking pioneers of the world practised the art of meditation everyday and they claim it for their success and well being.


Circle means your surroundings that you live in. That is very crucial for everyone. Your circles help you a lot in many ways than you can imagine. Involving yourself within a good social circle helps you to be a lot more creative. Pay attention to what people speak. Hangout often with creative people and appreciate all the creative works that you will probably encounter in a day. This sort of strategy will help you a great deal in being creative and will help you think outside the box.

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  1. Each of us can benefit from hearing other people’s stories and how others deal with unhappiness and boredom. Encouragement and kindness always motivates us to do better. Thank you for sharing your journey and happy blogging.

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  2. True thing about inspiration… And we’ll get ideas only when we are relaxed

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  3. This is so true. Inspiration comes when we are relaxed and we get ideas coming to us when we’re calm, cool and collected. πŸ™‚

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  4. Awww thank you and you’re welcome! I hope you have a nice day too. πŸ˜‡

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  5. “Don’t think too much” – that’s true indeed!

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  6. I loved this! Meditation is HUGE! I know that it is hard to clear your mind for a view minutes but once you do, and you develop the practice you see how easier it is to problem solve! Awesome post!

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