Nobody has achieved great things in just a single day. Be it millionaires, revolutionary pioneers or anybody who were considered quite famous, they have toiled their way up from the bottom that we can possibly imagine. And they have struggled a lot than we think.

While it is so easy to say that being successful is very easy, it’s really quite the opposite. It takes hours and hours of practice, hard work , dedication and commitment to excel in a particular field. What happens is that we only see the achievement part of a person and rarely forget to realise how much that person has suffered to achieve to that position.

So how can we become successful ?

There is only one direct way for it. Be passionate about your thing, commit yourself 100% in it, spend your maximum time improving your craft, believe in yourself no matter what and hope for the best, always – even if you face failure.

Remember that it takes a lot of time to reach a place where you want to be and you will only reach their slowly. The only way you can get ahead of that is by getting started from this moment, right this second, right now !!

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  1. Work. Work is the thing that can help you to achieve whatever you want. People say they work for 40-45 hours a week but still don’t get results. Excuse. Damn excuse. Work comes from inside. And when you work on your love, time stops. You must develop a strong work ethic.
    BTW, I enjoyed it.
    Live well.

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  2. I wrote a blog speaking about 1 hour rule or ‘deliberate learning.’ This is where you can study something for 1 hour each day and eventually become an expert in that one thing after putting in so many hours of study.

    Your blog brings to mind a discussion I had with my daughter whens he said she wanted to be like her favourite pop star. I asked if she was willing to make the sacrifices and dedicate the hard work it took to get to the top. She was confused. But so many people see the end product of an actor winning an award, a millionaire flying his private jet, but never once imagine the work it took to get there.

    Your blog brings people to the realisation of SUCCESS and what it means to be SUCCESSFUL πŸ˜‰

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  3. Abihijith your every article is very well written and crafted.Your blog posts are truely motivating.Thats why i nominated u for the one lovely blog award.I dont knw whether u received notification about it or not.
    Do check it outπŸ˜ƒ

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  4. I agree, grit is so important for success. But at the same time, some people may define success differently. Instead of wanting to be rich and famous, some people may be happy with improving the lives of their loved ones or the people around them!

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  5. Is success itself not up for interpretation?

    I recall a story my friend told me while he was lending his brother a hand working in a warehouse. My friend was initially unable understand why there were a number of colleagues in the warehouse who had been there for many years, yet not progressed within the organisation.

    The answer became clear. They didn’t want to. They liked their job; they enjoyed coming into work, doing what needed to be done and going home at the end of the day. Tomorrow’s problems didn’t need to be given a thought until tomorrow.

    Could these same people not be considered successful? They may not have the same financial opportunities many other people do, but they have reached where they want to be?

    I’m not sure I know the answer.

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  6. it may differ for an other person. Basically it’s all up to our ability to realise our potential and do the best we can do that we finally reach a position which we can be really proud of 😊. Thanks so much for the read and have a nice day ahead my friend !! πŸ˜‡


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