None of us are perfect. We all have imperfections and to be truthful many of us are not that proud about it. We blame ourselves for that and sometimes even think that it’s just a curse that happened to ruin our life.

But why? I mean what’s the point in pretending and making people believe what you are actually not.

Ofcourse, a lot of people will surround you and be a part of your life but it’s better to remember that they didn’t love you. They loved the person that’s actually not you.

I don’t know how to correctly put it in but I hope you guys understand what I meant. I mean it’s really frustrating to know that people pretend to be someone for the wrong reasons. Aren’t we all perfect the way that we actually are ?

Some people pretend just for the sake of getting ahead in life but I really wonder if that will actually suffice. It’s really confusing.

This is what I believe in :

Please let me know what you think about pretending …..

Thanks for reading !!

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  1. I firmly understood what point you were trying to state bro. And trust me, I completely agree with you. Yes, true, We are all not perfect. Even I wonder why even impersonate another character? Bluffing to be someone else, bro, just wont get anyone anywhere. Thanks for a thoughtful blog! 🙂

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  2. Yes, I agree with it… And sometimes while pretending we often start hating ourselves because we know that we aren’t actually what others are admiring about us… And by this we may lose our self confidence too…
    And one day we will lose everything we have gained from pretending because we can’t pretend every moment…Sometimes we will miss it..

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