I have found this technique very helpful in accomplishing my targets. No matter how much big or small the task was, I was able to achieve it at the end. Ofcourse it takes some time but it is an effective way to boost your confidence and keep you motivated to get going.

So the process is like this; pick a target that you want to accomplish. Don’t worry if it’s big or small. Just pick one. The most important thing to remember is that do the look at the end result. That means don’t trick your mind that the task will be accomplished soon.

Instead focus on your goal. Do it whenever you have time. Spend some hours in it.

Invest yourself. Don’t think of what you will do tomorrow or think ways in how you will get it done in the future.

Just think what you will do today, within the 24 hours that you have. Contribute towards that goal of yours within this total time.

‘Patience is really an important thing and you need that in practicing this exercise.’

It’s hard to focus at first but slowly you will get the knack of it. And once you get it, the rest becomes very easy.

The whole idea of this approach is to make your task get accomplished as soon as possible.

When you think too much about getting the job done, the chances of you accomplishing it decreases.

Surprising but true. Patience is really an important thing and you need that in practicing this exercise.

So just think about today. Contribute to your goal today. How much you did doesn’t matter.

Consistency, that’s what truly matter. It shows how much you are committed to your goals. And that decides how your succeed.

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29 thoughts on “THE ‘ONE DAY’ TECHNIQUE

  1. Yes it’s just like when you feel like giving up, ask yourself why you started. I do this always. It’s in my blood now.. lol 😊
    Yea this was awesome post. 😉❤ Great , keep inspiring!

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  2. Written so well abhi…!! The happiness you get when you trying to improve yourself you can’t get any happiness in this world other than this it’s fulfils you totally….Improving yourself is exactly what goals is I loved it.

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