Forgive But Don’t Forget

Paulo Coelho, one of the world’s most beloved writers once said ‘It’s always better to forgive. Just make sure that you don’t forget.’

What was Paulo Coelho thinking when he said it? Seriously, how can we forgive a person who made us feel very bad.

We are all the same and we have feelings. Nobody is an exception.

And when people play with our feelings we get hurt, sometimes so devastating that it’s enough to end a beautiful relationship.

Relationship can be anything. I am not specifying it.

And when there’s a break in any relationship, we feel sad even though it was the other persons fault.

Sometimes all we should do is just forgive and move on. It may be for our best.

They may come asking for forgiveness but because of our pride we don’t do it.

Why do we need to do this ?

Why make the other person feel miserable. Why should we complicate when it can be solved by forgiving ?

It’s not easy to forgive but it’s worth trying. There’s nothing for us to loose.

All that matters is that we don’t forget how that person made us feel.

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43 thoughts on “Forgive But Don’t Forget

  1. Excellent post and perfect timing for me. It’s forgive, but not forget for myself. For my son it’s a lot harder. I tell him to forgive the person, but I can’t. Once mama bear comes out it’s hard to put her away 🐻 Thanks for sharing these wise words.

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  2. Hey! I’ve seen a change 😉 now it’s not just the quotes but your words too! I was gonna suggest that soon ..haha! Amaziiinggggg as always!

    Well on the post very true.. forgive not because they deserve forgiveness but because we deserve peace 😊 but never forget that! ❤✨

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  3. Such an inspiring post!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Truly, as Portia describes justice to be seasoned with mercy.. Reminded me of her speech in MOV “If we don’t forgive Shylock, if we don’t show mercy, we’ll be sent to hell for the petty sins we all do, for we won’t receive mercy from God as well…” We should try to forgive, though I accept its very difficult sometimes, and yes, we shouldn’t forget the lessons!!!
    Beautiful read!!! I’ve read some of your posts and looking forward to read many more 🙂

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