There Is Always A Second Chance

When people say that they give up, little are they knowing that what they just quit was once their dream.

Sleepless nights, hours of hard work, persistence – all in vain. It’s just a moment of bad thinking. But sometimes one small decision can shut the doors of your glorious future.

William Shakespeare once told that ‘The person who quits on themselves are the most terrible people in the world.’ I believe he is right.

Just think of it. You are dreaming something and you are working hard for it. But when you don’t get the results you quit. Or when you face failure you quit.

So what if you failed. It’s not the end of your life. It happens. We are all normal people. We fail. But we try and try and we succeed. That’s how it’s done.

If you wanted to quit, why did you start dreaming in the first place ?

Failures are common. Struggles are inevitable. But these things are worth suffering because your dream is greater and more beautiful than this.

So don’t quit. Don’t stop trying. There is always a second chance and a third and even a fourth ……

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46 thoughts on “There Is Always A Second Chance

  1. A chance to try again provides that endless hope to keep pushing no matter what.. You have prudently chose inspiring words that definitely lifts the spirit upon reading. Good work Abhijith and thanks for sharing light of hope

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