You Are Your Only Limit

Did someone tell you lately that you are good for nothing. That you are a failure. That you are just a disgrace to the society. If they did then just tell them to FUCK OFF.

C’mon you know that it’s not true. It’s a lie that all people tell. And lies have no stability to exist when you know what you are worth.

Some people are like that. Not all people but just some. They tell you negative things, a lot of them.

That’s their job. They go on bragging and bragging and they plant a small seed of negativity inside your mind.

Sometimes nobody will be there to help you. To give you advise. To give you motivation. You can’t count on them because they are busy with themselves. So know that you are the only one that you can trust completely.

This small seed eventually grows, sprouts and emerge into a big tree that will fill your head with negativity, doubt and lack of self- confidence.

But you know what ? You can change this. Yes you can. You can allow your mind to block away the tree of negativity.

How can you do it ? It’s very simple.

Believe in yourself. Have the courage to admit the talent that you have and start working for it.

Don’t care what others tell. Just be confident about yourselves. Then victory will be yours.

Remember – you are your only limit.

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33 thoughts on “You Are Your Only Limit

  1. I use this quote a lot “Your Only Limit is You!” I also used it once on my blog. I started laughing when I read f off. The only things I have heard are negative, from my parents to relatives to teachers to classmates. I only got positive feelings from my bf, and here on wordpress. Lovely post.


  2. True! There are a lot of negative people around us. A wise friend told me that they’re only jealous of what I have accomplished so far. And I focus on only me. I can do so much for myself 😇❤️. Great post, Abhi!

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  3. Loved this! I am a new blogger looking to gain some friends and followers in the same category as mine and I must say, I loved your posts! I followed you so I can continue being inspired! Follow back please 🙂

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