Random Thoughts #13

Our individuality is what makes us special and it is important to keep that within us always. It’s our harpoon to help create a difference in the world and make us stand out from the crowd. Truly, we must learn to be special and stay special. I believe that some people in the present world … Continue reading Random Thoughts #13

Random Thoughts #12

Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. Nobody life is ‘over’ just because of some unfortunate incidents. And never remain depressed if something like that have happened to you. Don’t curse it on your beautiful life. Rather, consider it as a blessing and thank it - because … Continue reading Random Thoughts #12

Random Thoughts #10

Sometimes the wrong choices will bring us to the best destinations. So it doesn’t matter if you have made a wrong choice you know. It’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean that you are going to fail. In fact it can be the turning point of your life sometimes. You never know … Continue reading Random Thoughts #10

Random Thoughts #9

When people tell you that ‘You Can’t’, show them that ‘You Can’. Be it whatever but just show them that you are really capable. Accomplish and show the people (who didn’t believe you ) that you are not a joke. That you are not a failure. That you are not a person whose life will … Continue reading Random Thoughts #9

Random Thoughts #8

There is quite nothing a thing called ‘useless ambition’ in this world. I believe that with all my heart. Every person, each single living being has their own dreams and ambitions. People work for it, sometimes taking days, weeks or even years to attain. But I respect them because they are working for it, fighting … Continue reading Random Thoughts #8

Random Thoughts #7

Don't be flexible for other people. By flexible, I mean that somebody's opinion or suggestion must not control the way you live your life. No, don't do that and it's not necessary at all. You can take others opinions as an aid while you travel in your journey but don't make it your staple diet, … Continue reading Random Thoughts #7

Random Thoughts #6

Life is so cruel sometimes, so unfair that it will give us a heartbreak that is beyond our feelings. So sudden, so unexpected that it leaves a terrible scar in our mind forever. Some scars take time to heal, in fact a lot so much than we can ever imagine possibly. But the most important … Continue reading Random Thoughts #6