NEVER give up on anything that you really care about. Why? It’s because if you care about something that much then why are you doing this to yourself? You know that you care about it so much; you know that you love it so much; you know that no matter what happens you are going... Continue Reading →



To achieve great things in our life we first need to realise our potential and our self worth. If we can know that then it's really easy from there. And the best way to understand these things is by knowing yourself first. So what is meant by knowing yourself ? It's simply just understanding ourselves... Continue Reading →


Don't expect for anything in this world. Don't waste away your time thinking about your achievements or the glory that you are going to have. Or expect anything from anyone, because keeping expectations will only lead you to disappointment - if it doesn't happen as you wanted it to happen. Mind your own business, do... Continue Reading →

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